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General terms and conditions of use

The re-use of sets of data made available to you from the Sirene® database is subject to the « Licence Ouverte / Open Licence » devised by Etalab, organization mandated to coordinate government's actions and its public establishments in order to facilitate reusing public data as broadly as possible via the interministerial portal

As the Sirene database contains data of a personal nature, Insee draws your attention to the ensuing legal obligations:
  • Processing of data is subject to an obligation of declaration under French privacy law, Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended, also known as the CNIL Law: Law 78-17
  • Depending on the use you make of the data set, you have a duty to take account of the most recent dissemination status of each physical person.
In fact, Article A123-96 du code du commerce provides that:

"Any physical person may request directly at the time of the creation or modification formalities or by sending a letter to the Director Général of the Insee (National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies) that the information in the register concerning him/her not be made available for use by third parties other than the organisations authorised under article R. 123-224 or public authorities, for prospection purposes, commercial in particular."

The site deposits audience measurement cookies (number of visits, pages viewed), respecting the conditions for exemption from the consent of the Internet user defined by the "Cookies" recommendation of the National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms (CNIL). This means, in particular, that these cookies are only used for the production of anonymous statistics and do not make it possible to follow the user's browsing on other sites.

The site also deposits navigation cookies, for strictly technical purposes, which are not stored.