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The sirene.fr website has been designed to meet the recommendations of the general accessibility guidelines for French administrations (RGAA).

Programming languages and standards

The sirene.fr website has been developed using HTML 4.01 and CSS3.

The website respects the principle of separation of content (HTML code) and layout design (CSS).

Screen resolution

This website is optimised for a display resolution of 1024×768; it has good readability with browser settings at 800×600 and adapts if the window size is adjusted.

Browser compatibility

The site is compatible with these browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opéra and Safari.

Help with browsing

The entire website can be consulted using the "tab" key.

The navigation elements along the top of the page, down the right-hand side and along the bottom are identical on every page of the website.

A search engine and a breadcrumb trail can be found on every page of the website.


The website is designed in accordance with the RGAA criteria. Contrasts and colour overlays have been chosen to minimise any difficulties in reading the content.

Text size can be modified in several ways: 

  • using the Ctrl key + scroll wheel on the mouse or Ctrl + keys - and + on the numeric keypad; 
  • using the menu > View > Zoom (or size of text).

All pages can be printed (File >Print or Ctrl + P) in the adapted format.