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Open Data dissemination

There are 4 ways to access the Sirene® database:

  1. Download the Sirene database free of charge

  2. Pre-constituted files are available for free download on data.gouv.fr. The available files, covering all of France, are the following:
    • the stock file (all establishments active on the last day of the previous month)
    • the monthly updates file  
    • daily updates files
  3. Create a customised list of establishments free of charge

  4. You can obtain a list of establishments meeting certain criteria that you can easily select (criteria of location, activity, legal form, workforce size classes or date of creation). Each list can contain up to 100,000 establishments. File production is guaranteed and started every 5 minutes, with the files being made available on an INSEE delivery-collection platform and the list being automatically destroyed after 15 days.
  5. Search for a company

  6. Single item searches enable you to find all companies and their establishments using their SIREN or SIRET identification number or the company name (or surname and first name) and address.
  7. Count the establishments in a particular sector of activity

  8. This function allows you to get the number of establishments in a sector of activity and a Department selected in advance. You can also request the file based on the criteria selected and access detailed information about of each of the establishments.
  9. API access

  10. An API is available on Insees API catalog.