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Why do I have some establishments that are actually closed on my list?

The Sirene® database only contains establishments that are active within the meaning of the Register of Enterprises and Establishments. All enterprises (including unincorporated enterprises) are obliged to declare their existence to begin operating. However, when they cease operating, there are no obligatory administrative formalities. If no administrative formality is carried out at the time an establishment ceases operating, it remains active in the Register of Enterprises and Establishments.
Certain establishments may therefore actually be closed, but still listed in the register, meaning they cannot be excluded from the dissemination database.
The Sirene® database is created from the Register of Enterprises and Establishments, which records the declarations made to the Centre for Business Formalities (CFEs) by enterprises themselves; INSEE cannot be held liable in the event of errors or omissions in these declarations (see also the question on undelivered letters).